Keep Your Cool This Summer With Ayurveda

#ayurveda #balancing pitta dosha #pitta dosha #pitta season Jun 23, 2024

It's finally summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

And it's been quite hot and humid where I live - oh yes, welcome summer time!
This time of year can be a lot of fun with more outdoor activities, picnics, walks in nature and beach time!
It can also be a time of year where if we overdo things, we can get burnt out.
Summer time is Pitta dosha season so that means there's a lot of fire element present.
It's the hottest time of the year where the sun is at its purest radiant self, and if we forget to take care of ourselves, that radiance within us can turn into over-stimulation, over-heating and/or exhaustion.
In the physical body this can look like:
  • skin rashes
  • acid reflux
  • burning or itching eyes
  • inflammation
  • excessive sweating
  • loose stools
  • headaches or migraines & more
In the mental/emotional body it can manifest as:
  • being overly judgmental of yourself and others
  • irritability
  • anger & more

Here are some quick and simple tips to keep your cool this summer:

  • Ditch the fiery hot and spicy foods
  • Eat cooling foods like watermelon, coconut - ones that are bitter, astringent and sweet
  • Don't overeat
  • Drink beverages at room temp. or warm, not scalding hot
  • Exercise at the cooler parts of the day; early morning or evening
  • Balance Being VS Doing
  • Incorporate a Pitta-reducing yoga practice - Click here to check one out.
  • Mist your face with rose water (be sure to get a good one that's pure rose water)
  • Spend time out in nature - again at the cooler times of the day if you can

There are so many ways to keep your cool this summer and not let yourself get overly hot and burnt out. Incorporate even just a few of the tips above and it can make a big difference within your body and mind this season.

Happy Summer!


Ps. Which tips do you feel will help you best? Do share below...I'd love to know❣️



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