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Kids Yoga Class
3-Week December Series

Come join us for kids yoga! These classes are designed with kids in mind!

They will be fun and interactive, but will also give kids real life skills to use at home, in school and in life! Kids will learn basic meditation and self-calming skills to help calm their bodies and their minds. As kids learn the basics of yoga, they will enhance their strength, coordination, flexibility and self-control!

This series is led by Jenna Fisher, a certified yoga teacher who is also certified in kids yoga. Jenna is a former elementary and special education teacher. She has worked with kids of all ages. She loves to be with kids and is excited to share the benefits of yoga with them!

*No refunds after Nov. 29th. No refunds given for missed classes in the series.
**Minimum of 4 participants signed up for entire series in order for series to take place.
*** Please bring a mat


WHEN:  Thursday, December 1st and 8th: 5:15 - 6pm + Thursday, December 15th: 5:00 - 5:45pm

WHERE: Hope Yoga, 241 Forsgate Dr #102, Jamesburg, NJ 08831

CLASS LENGTH:  45 Minutes per class

COST: $42 for entire series or $15 drop-in once series starts (if openings are available)

FOR AGES:  5-11. *Parent must be present in the reception area for the entire class.


Mini Fall Retreat
A Multidimensional Journey Through the 5 Koshas

Join Gina for this multidimensional experience that will create ease within you as you enter this more hectic time of year at a Zen-like setting in Montgomery Township, NJ (not too far from Hope Yoga).

Sherry, (Gina’s good friend, yoga teacher and ally in all things healing), will be assisting her in this retreat providing her unique and wonderful gifts to further deepen your retreat experience.

In the Yoga tradition, there are 5 layers that make up your entire being. These layers are called ‘Koshas’. Kosha translates to the word, sheath.

These 5 layers have an outermost layer being the physical layer and an innermost layer being the spirit or soul. Then there are 3 more layers in between those layers. Luckily, you don’t need to know their names, or anything about them for this mini-retreat (though Gina will explain a little about them). :)

Through Yoga, breath work, self-massage, Yoga Nidra, sound healing, meditation, aromatherapy tips and treatment, hands-on adjustments to deepen your experience & more, you will take a journey through each vibrational layer. There will also be a crystal component to this retreat.

You will leave with feelings of renewal, inner strength, ease, and peacefulness.


WHEN:  Sunday December 4th, 12:30pm - 4:30pm (with extra time after to chat with others, reflect on the journey and have tea)

WHERE:  Central Jersey Spiritual Sanctuary in Montgomery Township, NJ (not too far from Hope Yoga)

COST: $85 per person

- 2 crystals to take home with you that you will use throughout the retreat
- Retreat Goodie Bag (including a couple of snacks)
- Tea

Once registered, as it gets closer to the date, you will receive a retreat schedule. 

Please bring:
Yoga mat, Blocks, Strap, 2 Blankets or thick towels, Water, Light lunch.

Wear comfortable clothing for yoga practice and extended savasana. You may want to have layers so you stay warm during the meditations and savasana.
**Optional: Light covering for the eyes like a light scarf or bandana

Retreat Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation the day of or within 3 days of the workshop will not be refunded and no credit given. All other cancellations will receive account credit to use toward a future retreat or workshop only.

*Space limited to 10 participants


Slow Flow & Singing Bowls Special Event

Yoga practice to LIVE music plus a Sound Meditation Shavasana!

Sound Practitioner Nicolas Sotomayor (that's Nicolas in the picture) will be joining us from LA for an evening of yoga and sound.

A sound meditation is a deeply immersive, full body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite therapeutic and restorative effects to the mind and body.

Gina will guide you through a 45 minute slow meditative flow while Nicolas plays soothing melodies on the Rav Vast during the yoga session.

This will be followed by a 45 minute sound meditation while relaxing in Shavasana.

Using sound to make You sound.

What a perfect time of year for a special event like this! We hope you join us. 💜


WHEN:  Friday evening, December 9th - 6:30-8pm

WHERE:  In person at Hope Yoga Studio, or online via zoom

COST: $40 for 90 minutes & beyond, of bliss


  • Bring any props you will need to be able to rest in a deep Shavasana.
  • Possibly a blanket or 2 (or towels), bolster, blocks. And be sure to bring your mat.
  • And also be sure you have what you need to stay warm if you tend to get cold in Shavasana such as socks and long sleeve shirt etc.

All levels welcome. Register with the links below. 


Yoga With Archangels Workshop

Join Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer as she invokes the Archangels of the horizontal and vertical planes to create sacred space for our healing practice.

You will learn a little about each Archangel as you are expertly guided through an all level Hatha Yoga practice, perfect for beginners through intermediate students.

At the end of the practice, you will choose an Angel Card(s) and then Tracey will give an individual and possibly a group Angel Card Reading.


  December 18, 2022.  11.30am - 1:30pm

WHERE: Hope Yoga, Ananda Room

COST: $25

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Workshop limited to 12 participants.


Yoga with Resistance Bands - Teacher Training Weekend

Wow your students by helping them overcome their individual challenges using resistance bands. Get them obsessed with your playful, challenging banded sequences.

Learn how to incorporate resistance bands into your classes for creative, effective sequences to help your students who struggle with pain, instability, and proprioceptive challenges.

**Teachers get 12 HOURS OF CONTINUING EDUCATION for Yoga Alliance.**



  May 6-7, 2023

WHERE: In person at Hope Yoga Studio, or online via zoom

Purchase by April 22nd, 2023 ==> $425
After April 22nd, 2023 ==> $500

INSTRUCTOR: Laurel Beversdorf

Training limited to 14 participants. Click the link below to discover what you’ll learn and register for either IN-STUDIO or VIRTUAL training.



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