What Yoga Teachers Want You To Know

Jun 11, 2023

I did a little poll at Hope yoga by asking all the teachers there a question.

Here's the question:

"What would you like your clients to know about what it's like teaching yoga? (anything you want them to know about what it's like 'behind the scenes' for you)"


Here's the answers to my poll.

I hope you enjoy reading them and get a little more of an idea of the time and care and love that goes into creating a class for you.



'How a class is modified based on who shows up & what conditions (I.e. If you write an arm class & someone has a healing shoulder - the thought & mindfulness that goes into giving modifications)'
'I would like for them to know that I learn from them too. Each and every time. Someone comes in with an affliction, a limitation, a request and I'm set on a path of learning, based on their question.'
'A sense of joy , happiness, peace , etc when you see the light click on and shine out of a client at the end of class who was initially nervous/anxious or who maybe thought badly about their body type. Or thought that they couldn’t do yoga because of whatever reason and they leave class feeling amazing about themselves and not feeling judged by the other people in the class or the instructor. And also about the hours devoted to creating a 60 minute customized playlist for the class if you aren’t using one that’s already created on Yogitunes!' :)
'How much extra training we take above and beyond the basic 200 hours needed to become a certified yoga teacher.'
'The time we put into planning to assure they are having the best class experience possible each and every class. Also, how each instructor has their own unique personality that guarantees there will be a yoga instructor for everyone on the schedule.'
'That it's really hard to remember right from left. Oh and sometimes I call a knee an ankle!' 🤣
'I would want them to know that I am always thinking about the entire anatomy when it comes to formulating a class. Every shape is thought out and placed in the sequence for a reason.'
'I think people should know that their yoga is their own and they should not be intimidated by creating the same shape as everyone else, but instead to focus on the feeling and the energetic outcome of every pose. Everyone has the same body parts but we are put together slightly differently so adjustments need to be made and by doing so, that doesn’t make anyone’s yoga practice “less than” anyone else’s.'
'The one thing that I think about in planning and cueing a class is that the practice is a journey to become so much more connected with their bodies and how they feel…how a change or modification in a pose feels in their body….how the breath moves through them as they hold or flow etc.'
'One thing I'd like clients to know is that when I teach yoga, they see the 60 minute class, but what they don't see is the hours behind the scenes that go into creating that class. Plus all the training and experience it took to be able to get to the point of being able to create an intelligent, fun and accessible practice. And although I'm guiding them through a physical practice, so much more is happening on so many other levels.' 
I hope you enjoyed this post which allowed inside access to some of the minds of the yoga teachers at Hope Yoga. 
I know they all have a passion for teaching and are a special group of BEings to me.
Ps. You can view the Hope Yoga Team by clicking here.


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