Stop This Habit And You May Actually Discover True Happiness: Part 1

Sep 25, 2022

Have you ever started a sentence like this, 

"I'll be happy when (fill in the blank)"?


If you have, then chances are you need to break this habit I'll be sharing with you in a moment, to actually find true happiness.

The fill in the blank section is anything you believe will make you happy once you obtain it.

Things such as:

  • Acquiring the new house you've always wanted
  • Marriage and having the perfect wedding
  • A great relationship
  • Finishing a race
  • Having a child
  • Successful career
  • Losing weight
  • Getting fit
  • Traveling
  • Sticking your handstand in the middle of the room

If you've noticed, all those items above have to do with things 'out there'.

And that is the habit I'm talking about in this article: seeking happiness 'out there'.

You may have heard this before from several sources. 

Maybe from a friend (keep that friend, lol), a spiritual teacher, a family member, or maybe even from someone you barely know.

Thing is, they're right.

You will never sustain true happiness from acquiring anything outside yourself.

Many of you probably know this already, but have you ditched the habit?

Many of you may be hearing this for the first time, and how doest that land with you?

Pause for a moment and reflect on it.

Can you recall a time when you said, 'I'll be happy when......'?

I sure do. I can recall many times. 

But I finally broke the habit (more about this in Part 2).

If you are still experiencing this habit, that's ok. For some reason you landed here and are reading this now.

And it's all ok. We are here to learn and grow and evolve.

So for this Part 1 post, I'll leave you with a simple practice.

Every time you say, I'll be happy when.........', just notice that. That's it. Become aware that you are seeking happiness out there, without judging or bullying yourself or thinking you did anything wrong. 

This is the first step to breaking this habit.

Wishing you many insightful moments until Part 2!




Ps. Any thoughts to share? Please share in the comments below.




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