Give Yourself a S.A.M.

Jan 08, 2023

So if you landed here on this page, then maybe you want to know exactly what a S.A.M. is.

Am I right?

I like to tell folks that a S.A.M. is an acronym I created for the phrase:

Start. Again. Moment.

And it feels like this time of year is a great time to share this with more people.

The start of a new year feels like a time of reflection, new beginnings, a fresh start or even a time to plan and set goals for the next 365 days.

If that's your thing, that's awesome. I too, usually, like to reflect and even set some new goals. 

This year felt a little different for me. 

I'm not totally sure why, but it could be that this past year I've been diving quite deep into my own spiritual journey. And some things have shifted for me quite a bit. And one thing is the concept of 'time'. But I'm not going to go into that in this post, lol.

But it did bring to mind what I say to folks who take some of the online challenges I've put together as well as some other online classes I've done.

And that is the: 




You truly can start again in any place, during any moment, and any where.

We tend to feel like we failed if we don't 'reach our goal' or 'keep our intention or resolution'  for the first month of the year. Does that give you a free card to pass on the rest of the 11 months?

We are the toughest critics of ourselves. Even if we return to the habit we are trying to change for one day, it's like we give up on the rest of the 364 days of the year.

And maybe that's the issue too. We feel like we have to be 'perfect' the whole year through. Well, if that doesn't set you up for failing, I don't know what else will!

So my friends, when you see yourself going back to your old habitual pattern or habit, notice that and then realize that you can give yourself a S.A.M.

Just that perspective shift in the moment, of not beating yourself up, and instead, looking at it as another opportunity, can create huge shifts. 

You create moments of awareness, of truth and give yourself another chance to choose. And whatever you choose, at least you are making that choice with full awareness.

So next time you find yourself wanting to give up on yourself, give yourself a S.A.M.






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